Chef`s Kitchen in Kazbek: by Mamiya Jojua

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From now on Kazbek is to hold dinners in the very kitchen of the restaurant every Thursday.


We’ve prepared a separate room special for the private dinners at Chef’s Kitchen of Mamiya Jojua to be held in Kazbek every Thursday: a decent room between the main hall and the kitchen. One shared table for 8 people, beautiful still-life vegetables, candles and the opportunity to admire well-coordinated work of the chefs in the kitchen through the glass window. Buy the ticket online on the restaurant’s website, the price per person
is 5,900 rubles.

The main intrigue is that none of the guests knows till the very last moment what exactly the chief is making for them today. The only thing they know in advance is that the dinner consists of 10 courses, starts with an aperitif on the basis of a jolo (which means ‘raspberries’ in Georgian) and a Georgian sparkling wine and ends with an unusual serving of chacha as a digestive. The effective three dots in the feast are made by the chef with a waffle horn with nadugi, nuts and raspberries that is served to stir raspberries in a glass of chacha that should be then drunk with pleasure. Mamiya Jojua from Tbilisi offers his own version of the national cuisine, reinterprets traditional recipes by supplementing them with unexpected ingredients, easily modifies classic combinations to make dishes lighter and more expressive, invents original sauces and transforms the culinary heritage of his own grandmother in a modern way. But what exactly Mamiya is going to wrap up in the rolls today, what he is going to add to salads and sauces, how he will cook meat and fish, what ingredients he will use to make desserts – the guests will only find out during the event.

This is certain to be a very private format for a small group of friends – it isn’t supposed to be a noisy Georgian feast, although this option always remains possible. But Mamiya and his mother Nana, who serves as a Sous-chef in Kazbek, will do everything possible to not only pleasantly surprise the guests with their cuisine, but also comfort them with the warmth of traditional Georgian hospitality. They will be happy to make a tour of the restaurant telling about how this project was created, while revealing the most interesting facts from the history of national cuisine. Moreover, the guests will witness preparation of ‘khachapuri’ in the middle of the main hall near the stove, and, if they wish, they will be welcome to take part in the very process of preparation of one of the main dishes of Georgian cuisine.

Address: 2, 1905 goda street
Telephone: 8 (495) 651-81-00