Mamiya Jojua

The Chef Mamiya Jojua is an icon of Tbilisi restaurant cuisine, and his arrival in Moscow will open a new page in the story of relationships between the experienced metropolitan society and authentic Georgian food. In September 2016, Mamiya took over Kazbek restaurant – a new project by Andrey Dellos located on 1905 goda street.
As a child, Mamiya used to help his mother in the kitchen of the family restaurant, now it’s vice versa and she is a sous-chef, but the tastes do not change at all when shifting the positions. The spinach pkhali is still nicely hot, the Mingrelian khachapuri has the same curd flavor of Imereti cheese, the lobio is served with rosy mchadi poppadoms and savory house jonjolis dressed with Kakhetian oil, the trout sprinkled with flour and Svan salt and simply fried on a frying pan is served with an original pomegranate sauce, the chkmeruli garlic chicken actually melts in your mouth, and the Kazbek dessert goes even further with its magical power to disappear from the clay pot in the blink of an eye.