About the restaurant

‘Kazbek’. A new Georgian restaurant by Andrey Dellos

A new restaurant of authentic Georgian cuisine Kazbek has recently opened next to Bochka and Shinok. This is a symbol restaurant, an image restaurant, an impression restaurant in the best traditions of Maison Dellos. In his new project, Andrey Dellos gathered all his youthful memories of numerous holidays spent in Georgia. Many people have tried to bring a sunny sensation from Georgia, to transfer the kindliness of their hospitable friends and acquaintances onto the Moscow restaurant field, all by generously dressing it with Rkatsiteli and Saperavi, to repeat the unique taste of home cooking, to reproduce at least a small part of the charm of noisy local family feasts. But no borrowings can be successful out of context, and the ideas pulled out of their climate, culture and mentality lose their flavor while being transported. These complex issues were sorted out not only by logistics, but mostly by a conceptual thinking and a creative approach.
As a result, instead of Manon, we got an atmospheric Georgian flat – a collective image of all the flats that the future restaurateur had chance to visit as a child with his parents. Plenty of daylight, skillfully distressed walls, carved wooden screens, textured floors, but the main thing is a huge real wood-stove built in a luxurious buffet to bake khachapuri and bread, and the windows looking out onto the restaurant kitchen, where everything is directed by the young blue-eyed Chef from Tbilisi Mamiya Jojua and his mother.